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It's here you can find broken down information on different products offered by Stampin' Up! to help make ordering and stamping a little easier. To order any of these products listed and more, head on over to my Shop.

Let's start with the basics...
Every project comes from a creative person armed with a good set of tools ranging from adhesives to the stamps themselves. If you're just starting out in stamping, know that you do not need the whole catalog or even every adhesive or ink pad to achieve your end result. A good foundation - or "Starter Kit" if you will - includes at least 2 good adhesives, a pierce mat, ink, and at least 2 colors of cardstock. Below is my recommended list of products to equip yourself with. This is an inclusive list that you can pick and choose from as you please. It's just to help you get an idea of what you're looking for so you're not overwhelmed.

  • SNAIL Adhesive (104332) : The SNAIL is a refillable, double-sided, instantly bonding permanent adhesive that's easy to apply and refill.
  • Multipurpose Liquid Glue (110755) : This is also known as Tombow and is a crafter's dream glue. I use this in every project and 100% recommend it. It adheres glitter, other embellishments, and is great to hold together your cards. It's durable and long lasting, and it dries clear.
  • Mini Glue Dots (103683) : Instant dots of adhesive. No fumes, no mess, no dry time. Great for holding heavier embellishments and ribbons. *This is what you need to hold your bows and ribbons on. Tombow will not hold it*
  • Stampin' Dimensionals (104430) : There are 2 versions of these; the regular size and the minis. They're double-sided adhesive foam dots that are used to add depth and dimension to any project.
  • Stampin' Pierce Mat (126199) : This is a must-have in any kit. It protects your work surface and gives you even pressure and ink coverage when stamping. It's great for all stamp sets, but is much needed when working with photopolymer stamps
  • Stampin' Trimmer (126889) : Specially designed to make stable and straight cuts, this trimmer has a full 12" to cut or score cards for easy folding.
  • Bone Folder (102300) : Used to easily score and make crisp folds on paper and cardstock.
  • Archival Basic Black Ink Pad (140931) : You can't go wrong with black ink. Stampin' Up! offers a wide variety of colors, but I recommend having a Basic Black ink pad in your kit.
  • Whisper White Cardstock (100730) : White is the most used color in cardstock. Almost every card or project you make, you will have white in there somewhere. Whether it be the base of the card or a tiny piece used to stamp on for a clear, crisp picture, Whisper White Cardstock is a must have.
  • Whisper White Medium Envelopes (107301) : Every card needs an envelope! Need I say more?
  • Stamp Sets : While this may seem like a "duh-huh", it's probably the most difficult part of the list! When you're looking at the catalog or online, it's easy to become overwhelmed. There's so much to look at and take in, you can get lost in the products and get stuck on what to order! My go-to method for ordering stamp sets is asking myself these 3 questions:
    • Can I use it more than once?
    • Does it have a sentiment with it? And if so, is it specific to one holiday/theme or can it be used more than once?
    • How often am I actually going to make card with this set?
         While that may seem like crazy questions to ask, they've saved me from purchasing stamp sets that I may later regret ordering. On the flip side to that, you may need that specific set for that one specific time (which I've been in the position of more than once) and just have to order it. And when that happens I say DO IT! No, literally, order it! Because you never know when you will need it again and the possibilities are endless! You'll learn by stamping with me that I like to take stamp sets that some people may quickly overlook or say "Man, I'll never use that!" and turn them into cards that people love and just have to have the stamp set!

So now for the extras...
You know those cards that just WOW all over? Well they're pretty simple to make if you equip yourself with the right tools. There's all kinds of tools on the market that will help you get your end results, and I've dabbled with many of them prior to using Stampin' Up! and I'll tell ya, Stampin' Up! tools are so easy to use that I just couldn't use anything else! So what are these "amazing tools" you're talking about? Well let me just explain them to you;
  • Clear Blocks (Full Set Size A-I 118491) : With any of the stamps we offer, you're going to need a block to stamp it with. Some stamp sets are offered as "Wood" or "Clear" while others are only offered as "Photopolymer" - I'll go through the different types of stamps over on "The Basics" page. The wood sets come with wooden blocks to mount the red rubber stamps on, eliminating the need for the acrylic blocks. Unfortunately, not all sets are offered with wooden blocks and require these clear blocks to use the stamp.
  • Stampin' Scrub (126200) & Stampin' Mist Stamp Cleaner (102394) : The Stampin' Scrub is a washable, plush, black fiber scrub pad used to clean even the most detailed of stamps. The Stampin' Mist Stamp Cleaner cleans ink from the stamp and is meant to be used with the Stampin' Scrub.
  • Stamp-a-ma-jig (101049) : This is a must-have for any stamper! It helps you position stamp images exactly where you want it, every single time! And don't worry, it comes with instructions!
  • Grid Paper (130148) : I use Grid Paper every single time I stamp. It helps protect your work space, gives you paper to jot down notes and tips as you go, and even acts as a ruler!
  • Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine (143263) : Use the Big Shot with dies or embossing folders to easily cut shapes and add texture to your projects. There's different platforms that coordinate with this machine that are add on items to it. 
  • Simply Scored Scoring Tool (122334) : A complete system to flawlessly score paper for easy folding. It really is a versatile tool to have in your craft space. 
  • Heat Tool (129053) : With a slim, sleek design the Heat Tool is easy to hold and use. It includes 2 heat settings and is used to set embossing powder to create one-of-a-kind cards and projects. Coordinates with Versamark Pad and Stampin' Emboss Powder.
  • Embossing Paste (141979) : Add texture to any card or project with ease. Mix a few drops of your favorite Classic Stampin' Ink Reinker for endless colors or use it without color and apply it to your project.
  • Watercolor Pencils (141709) : High-quality, smooth color pencils perfect for watercoloring stamped images. Use with Aqua Painters (103954), Blender Pens (102845) or alone. 
  • Aqua Painters (103954) : No need for a brush and cup of water, Aqua Painters hold liquid for easy watercoloring. 
  • Blender Pens (102845) : Dual-tipped pens filled with a specialized solution made just for easy blending. Great when paired with Watercolor Pencils.
  • Ribbon & Trims (Annual Catalog Pgs 198-199) : There are so many gorgeous ribbons and trims I simply can't just feature one! The ribbons and trims color coordinate with the inks and papers to make matching a set for your project a breeze!
  • Embellishments (Annual Catalog Pgs 196-197) : Again, I can't just feature one! I love embellishments and use some sort of embellishment in most of my cards.
  • Stampin' Write Markers (Available in all color sets) : Get the most for your money and expand your ink selection with Stampin’ Write markers. These artist-quality markers come in exclusive Stampin' Up! colors, grouped in collections to coordinate with all inks and papers! Markers are dual tipped and include a brush end as well as a point end for easy coloring or writing. 

There's so much more to learn about and see with Stampin' Up! that I simply couldn't list everything, but if you have any questions I will gladly answer any questions you have!


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