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Farm House Stampers
I love my team. Like I truly love it. I love being able to help my ladies (and men if any want to join the fun!) express themselves through stamping. I love being able to help them learn new techniques and grow on their own stamping journey! 

Right now, my team is made up of two wonderful ladies; Rhonda and Marti. Ironically, they're both family! How great is that! Anyway, the best part about having them on my team is that we each have a different style that we prefer to stamp. I'm a very "wow" factor person, but I like to achieve my "wow" by using stamp sets in ways others don't. I like to be able to take a stamp and create a card or project that will have someone say "I have to have that!" I love to feed off of Rhonda and Marti and have their inputs, and they feed off me as well.

I know what you're thinking by now... "So why are you talking so much about the ladies on your team?" Well that's a great question! I'm talking about them and how much we all three enjoy it because I want you to join the fun with us! I want to expand my team and expand my fellowship. 

As your upline, it's my promise to you that I will help you in any way I can. I promise to be there to help you create cards and projects, figure out product problems and any other things your need help with.

 Being a demonstrator means discounts on all orders, access to new products well before they're made public, chances to earn AMAZING trips (2019 is to the Greek Isles and it's not too late to earn your way in!), Onstage conventions, and so so so much more! 

 Ready to join my Farm House Stampers team yet? Click here to join all the fun!


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